July 29, 2015

Are you already using Capstone engine? Yes, if you are using any products in our showcase.

Please consider donating to help us improve Capstone!

You can either donate via Paypal or send us Bitcoins.

  • Paypal email:

  • Bitcoin: 1fGz2GYSjiJxUoACpsHXcGmaAhbEDTuWi (link)

Please let us know if you want to be listed as Capstone supporter after donating.


Capstone is totally free & developed in our spare time. So far we have never received a single cent from donation or sponsor.

However, we are realizing that to keep up with the increasing demand of community & push Capstone to another level, we need more helps from community.

For this reason, we are now receiving donation for Capstone.

What for?

The donation will be used to promote & improve Capstone. Some priorities are:

  • Get a professional designer to make a better logo that Capstone deserves to have.

  • Have the current website redesigned to be more friendly & efficient.

  • Give rewards to those who are willing to work on our outstanding works (such as this), so we can release the next versions faster.

  • Add more features requested by a lot of users, such as supporting new architectures like Hexagon.

What to get back?

The donators will:

  • Get listed in our website as Capstone supporter - if you do not want to remain anonymous.

  • For a certain amount of donation (to be decided), we can send you T-shirts/stickers/mugs with Capstone logo to show our appreciation.

  • For a certain amount of donation (TBD), we can help to integrate & customize Capstone for your products.

Thanks for your generous supports! Please contact us for any questions.