Version 3.0-RC1

October 1, 2014

We are pleased to announce the Release Candidate 1 of version 3.0 of Capstone disassembly framework!

The source code is available in zip and tar.gz formats, or at tagname 3.0-rc1 in our Github repo.

Please test and feed back via our contact.


  • Do use the bindings come with this version, as all the old bindings from version 2.x are incompatible and cannot be run with the 3.0 core.

    For Java/Ocaml/Python bindings, see respective README files under bindings/ directory in the source on how to do fresh-install.

Summary of the important changes of version 3.0-RC1 (see Changelog for more details):

  • New architectures: Sparc, SystemZ & XCore.

  • Important bugfixes for Arm, Arm64, Mips, PowerPC & X86.

  • X86 engine now can decode 3DNow instructions.

  • X86 engine is mature & handles all the malware tricks that we are aware of. If you have any code that Capstone wrongly processes, please report.

  • Mips engine added supports for new hardware modes: Mips3, Mips32R6 & MipsGP64.

  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio (so Windows native compilation using MSVC is possible).

  • Support CMake compilation.

  • Cross-compile for Android.

  • Much faster, while consuming less memory for all architectures.

  • API version was bumped to 3.0.

  • Renamed API cs_disasm_ex to cs_disasm (cs_disasm_ex is marked obsolete to be removed in future versions)

  • Support SKIPDATA mode, so Capstone can jump over unknown data and keep going from the next legitimate instruction.

  • Python binding supports Python3.

  • Support Ocaml binding.