Version 3.0.1

February 3, 2015

We are excited to announce the stable version 3.0.1 of Capstone disassembly framework!

The source code is available in zip and tar.gz formats, or at tagname 3.0.1 in our Github repo.

Find pre-compiled binaries in the Download section.

Please test and feed back via our contact.


  • This version fixes some important issues in the Python binding, so Python users should upgrade their binding. See bindings/python/README.TXT in source code on to do fresh-reinstall.

  • Since this version, our Python package capstone on PyPi can build & install the core at the time of installing Python module, so the external dependency on the core is eliminated.

    Another new package capstone-windows is available for Windows users who do not want to compile from source, as this package includes prebuilt libraries (for both Win32 & Win64 editions) inside.

    See bindings/python/README.TXT for more information on these PyPi modules.

Summary of the important changes of this version.

  • X86
    • Properly handle LOCK, REP, REPE & REPNE prefixes.
    • Handle undocumented immediates for SSE’s (V)CMPPS/PD/SS/SD instructions.
    • Print LJUMP/LCALL without * as prefix for Intel syntax.
    • Handle REX prefix properly for segment/MMX related instructions (x86_64).
    • Instruction with length > 15 is consider invalid.
    • Handle some tricky encodings for instructions MOVSXD, FXCH, FCOM, FCOMP, FSTP, FSTPNCE, NOP.
    • Handle some tricky code for some x86_64 instructions with REX prefix.
    • Add missing operands in detail mode for PUSH, POP, IN/OUT reg, reg
    • MOV32ms & MOV32sm reference word rather than dword.
  • Arm64
    • BL & BLR instructions do not read SP register.
    • Print absolute (rather than relative) address for instructions B, BL, CBNZ, ADR.
  • Arm
    • Instructions ADC & SBC do not update flags.
    • BL & BLX do not read SP, but PC register.
    • Alias LDR instruction with operands [sp], 4 to POP.
    • Print immediate operand of MVN instruction in positive hexadecimal form.
  • PowerPC
    • Fix some compilation bugs when DIET mode is enable.
    • Populate SLWI/SRWI instruction details with SH operand.
  • Python binding
    • Fix a Cython bug when CsInsn.bytes returns a shorten array of bytes.
    • Fixed a memory leak for Cython disasm functions when we immaturely quit the enumeration of disassembled instructions.
    • Fix a NULL memory access issue when SKIPDATA & Detail modes are enable at the same time.
    • Fix a memory leaking bug when when we stop enumeration over the disassembled instructions prematurely.
    • Export generic operand types & groups (CS_OP_xxx & CS_GRP_xxx).