March 11, 2015

Release 3.0.2 is a stable version with important fixes in the core & Python bindings.


  • On *nix, only export symbols that are part of the API (instead of all the internal symbols).


  • Do not consider 0xF2 as REPNE prefix if it is a part of instruction encoding.
  • Fix implicit registers read/written & instruction groups of some instructions.
  • More flexible on the order of prefixes, so better handle some tricky instructions.
  • REPNE prefix can go with STOS & MOVS instructions.
  • Fix a compilation bug for X86_REDUCE mode.
  • Fix operand size of instructions with operand PTR [].


  • Fix a bug where arm_op_mem.disp is wrongly calculated (in DETAIL mode).
  • Fix a bug on handling the If-Then block.


  • Sanity check for the input size for MIPS64 mode.


  • Compile capstone.dll with static runtime MSVCR built in.

Python binding

  • Fix a compiling issue of Cython binding with gcc 4.9.