May 8, 2015

Release 3.0.3 is a stable version with important fixes in the core & Python bindings.


  • Released binaries for Windows are now compatible with Windows XP.
  • Support to embed into Mac OS X kernel extensions.
  • Now it is possible to compile Capstone with older C compilers, such as GCC 4.8 on Ubuntu 12.04.
  • Add test_iter to MSVC project.


  • All shifted instructions (SHL, SHR, SAL, SAR, RCL, RCR, ROL & ROR) now support $1 as first operand in AT&T syntax (so we have rcll $1, %edx instead of rcll %edx).
  • CMPXCHG16B is a valid instruction with LOCK prefix.
  • Fixed a segfault on the input of 0xF3.


  • BLX instruction modifies PC & LR registers.


  • Improved displacement decoding for sparc banching instructions.

Python binding

  • Fix for Cython so it can properly initialize.
  • X86Op.avx_zero_mask now has c_bool type, but not c_uint8 type.
  • Properly support compile with Cygwin & install binding (setup.py).