CEnigma tool

July 30, 2014

We are happy to announce a little web-based tool named CEnigma to disassemble input hexcode!

CEnigma offers some advantages:

  • Fast, simple & easy to use: just paste your hexstring, choose architecture/mode/syntax, then submit to get back assembly code.

  • User-friendly: accept input of all kind of formats (as long as it contains hexcode inside).

  • Provide instruction details (just hover the mouse over the assembly instructions).

  • Link to assembly manual (just click into the assembly instructions).

  • Save output for future references (choose Duration before submitting).

  • Backed by Capstone, CEnigma is always updated on all 8 architectures: Arm, Arm64, Mips, PPC, Sparc, SystemZ, XCore, X86 (+X86_64).

Find more at www.cenigma.org.