Peeking into the next release

May 21, 2014

We have been working hard for the next release of Capstone, which promises a lot of important updates in various areas.

Get the latest code from our Github’s next branch to experience the cutting-edge features of the upcoming version.

Summary of the most interesting changes:

  • New architectures: Sparc & SystemZ.

  • Important bugfixes for Arm, Arm64, Mips & X86.

  • Handle 3DNow instructions of X86.

  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio (so Windows native compilation using MSVC is possible).

  • Cross-compile for Android.

  • Support SKIPDATA mode, so Capstone can jump over unknown data and keep going at the next legitimate instruction.

  • Python binding supports Python3.

  • X86 engine is now mature & handle all the malware tricks that we are aware of. If you have any code that Capstone wrongly processes, please report so we can fix them.

Further details are available in our Changelog

On a related news, Capstone now has NodeJS binding! This great work was created & maintained by Jason Oster.