April 3, 2014

Release 2.1.2 is a stable version with some minor bugfixes and improvements in the core.

Core changes

  • Support cross-compilation for all iDevices (iPhone/iPad/iPod).

  • X86: do not print memory offset in negative form.

  • Fix a bug in X86 when Capstone cannot handle short instruction.

  • Print negative numbers in range [-9, -1] without prefix 0x (arm64, mips, arm).

  • Correct the SONAME setup for library versioning on Linux, *BSD & Solaris.

  • Set library versioning for dylib of OSX.

  • Remove the redundant include/diet.h


  • This release fixes the library versioning for Mac OSX, Linux, *BSD & Solaris. This might require recompiling tools compiled with prior Capstone - but there is no need to modify tools’ source whatsoever.

  • This version made no API change, so old bindings of release 2.1 still work just fine. The only exception is Python binding package for Windows in Download section: users still need to upgrade this since this package actually includes the new core engine 2.1.2 inside.