January 10, 2019

Release 4.0.1 is a stable release version, with minor bugfixes in the core & Python binding.


  • Fix some issues for packaging (Debian, Gentoo, etc).
  • Better support for building with Mingw.
  • cstool has new option -s to turn on skipdata mode.
  • cstool -v now report build settings of the core.
  • Add suite/capstone_get_setup.c so users can integrate with their own code to retrieve Capstone settings at build time.


  • Fix 4.0 regression: the tbh [r0, r1, lsl #1] instruction sets the operand.shift.value back again.
  • Remove ARM_REG_PC group for BX instruction.


  • endbr32 and endbr64 instructions are now properly decoded in both CS_MODE_32 and CS_MODE_64.


  • Fix some issues reported by clang-analyzer.

Python binding

  • Fix skipdata setup.
  • Add getter/setter for skipdata_mnem & skipdata_callback.